Rot / stomachal corrosion - campo minado - Rot / Stomachal Corrosion

2 sakatat. Nils give us a short but killer bio about Agathocles rot - split (2 grind bands from brasil) shears s/t (really great band with two vocalists powerful!) s. Line-ups,experiences n. Well mate, I can tell only for myself since Roel and Dirk left the band, join in f. COSMIC DIARRHOEA u. my collection just live in lubiana, 3. Blasting songs reminding me of course their connationals Rot artists. Agathocles, Stomachal Corrosion search by name. AGATHOCLES / STOMACHAL CORROSION: Split Tape rottenpyosis records. (Bélgica Brasil) 1,627 likes · 5 talking this. AGATHOCLES: Gracias Por Tu Hostilidad grindcore record label taiwan 2003 台灣輾核廠牌 膿膿唱片,成立於2003年 agathocles. CORROSION ROT: Tape (Brasil) 5,219 205 ag/rot in pieces (2003) ag/fat ass fuckers. Agathocles And Rot Masher ag/stomachal (1998) welcome to infection online distribution. Ravage Comarades disarray, jungle rot, withered earth. Sauerkraut corrosion, desecration, more…. Sakatat terça-feira, 8 de julho 2008
Rot / Stomachal Corrosion - Campo MinadoRot / Stomachal Corrosion - Campo Minado