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In specific proportions, some alloys can become eutectic — that is, their melting point is the same as their freezing point. Non-eutectic alloys have markedly different solidus and liquidus temperatures, and within that range they exist as a paste of solid particles in a melt of the lower-melting phase. In electrical work, if the joint is disturbed in the pasty state before it has solidified totally, a poor electrical connection may result; use of eutectic solder reduces this problem. The pasty state of a non-eutectic solder can be exploited in plumbing, as it allows molding of the solder during cooling, . for ensuring watertight joint of pipes, resulting in a so-called "wiped joint".

Acid Flux - Audio PunishersAcid Flux - Audio PunishersAcid Flux - Audio PunishersAcid Flux - Audio Punishers