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Other Imperial officers who became Grand Moffs include Randd , [4] Lozen Tolruck , [5] and Valco Pandion . [3] Randd served as Grand Moff of the Exterior in the Outer Rim Territories , and Tolruck served as Grand Moff of Kashyyyk . [5] Pandion was a Moff who proclaimed himself a Grand Moff following the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star . [3]

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When The First Order reasserted itself as a Galactic power, the Moff Council was the guiding force of the Order, seeking to reassert Imperial domination over the Galaxy.

This list applies only to characters who completely appear in Legends media, and who therefore do not exist in the canon continuity. For characters belonging to the canon continuity, see List of Star Wars characters .

1. The Moffs were an Australian band from Sydney active from about 1984 to 1989. Heavily influenced by British mod and psychedelic music of the 60s, they were very successful in their own land in the independent charts. They released three singles ( Another Day In The Sun , Flowers and The Traveller ) a mini LP ( The Moffs ) and a full length LP ( Labyrinth ). They reformed for live gigs in 1994 and… read more

Moffs, The - The MoffsMoffs, The - The MoffsMoffs, The - The MoffsMoffs, The - The Moffs